The B Corp Way of Leading

Jeu, 10. octobre 2019 - Sam, 12. octobre 2019

This dynamic course is an exploration of emerging approaches to corporate leadership with true interdependence and world impact as a core value.

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    Leading organisations with a more holistic agenda requires a new way of leading, one that is not suited to previous styles of command-and-control leadership. This cutting edge programme was developed to serve our increasing understanding of organisations and leaders on the BCorp journey. These differences are best expressed in this quote from Fortune magazine about Rose Marcario of Patagonia, a well known BCorp. “As Marcario plows through more meetings-on marketing, finance, employee activism-she makes it a point to give equal weight to two ideas: profitability and world improvement” Becoming a BCorp is more than doing things differently, it is really about leading differently so that things are done with a balanced approach throughout the business. 


    This highly experiential course is designed to share best practices and teach the skills required to be a leader in the movement of business as a force for good, combining personal Aspirations with business imperatives. The ‘BCorp way of leading’ is the ideal preparation for leading you organization to BCorp certification, but it is not only for people on the path to certification; the ‘BCorp way of leading’ is for everyone wanting to lead for a new world. You will leave our time together with a clear framework to take yourself and your organization into the new world of using business as a force for good.