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  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle
  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle
  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle
  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle
  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle
  • Montagne Alternative Valais Suisse restaurant l'arpalle

The Arpalle Restaurant

Treat yourself to a unique culinary experience in our Arpalle restaurant, in the centre of our hotel.

This authentic renovated lodge offers a breath-taking panorama over the high Alpine peaks and the Grand Saint-Bernard Valley.

  • Our chef, combines inspiration, creativity and quality, inspired by Frank Fol's philosophy of "Think fruit, think vegetables". The famous Belgium chef is our Montagne Alternative ambassador in his country.
    His cuisine is influenced by the produce of the land. Through close collaboration with various local producers, he creates balanced, healthy dishes according to the season and in harmony with our environment.
    His dishes are planned daily, in order to optimise flavour and nutritional intake. He brings Nature to your plate with 70% home grown vegetables from our garden or from organic market gardeners.
    The aim of our cuisine is to offer you the best elements of our soil.

    The breakfasts are equally creative and delicious. They are primarily prepared using local, seasonal produce which will tantalise your taste buds. The refined blend of sweet and savoury dishes will more than satisfy your all your morning culinary desires.

    The location and the cuisine provide a complete return to Nature and invite you on an exceptional gastronomical discovery.

    In addition: Most of the fruit and vegetables served come from our own vegetable gardens, using Permaculture cultivation on the hillsides of Commeire, a method of working the land with the aim of creating a sustainable agricultural production.
  • Our restaurant bar provides a wide drinks menu of exceptional quality, mainly from local producers (beer, wines, fruit juices...).
    This cosy area is perfect for sharing stories over a drink or simply relaxing in front of the fireplace.
  • Our restaurant is open everyday.
    On Sunday and Monday a smaller menu choice is available for guests.
    Non-residents are also welcome in our restaurant (pre-bookings required). For any request, please contact us on +41 27 783 21 34 or

    Our restaurant opening hours are:
    - from 7am to 10am: Breakfast time
    - from 10am to noon: Bar area time
    - from noon to 3pm: Lunch time
    - from 3pm to 6pm: Bar area time
    - from 7pm to 10pm : Dinner time
    - from 10pm to 12am: Bar area time